Hi, I’m Vaughn Balding. I live in Wiveton on the beautiful North Norfolk coast, an area of outstanding natural beauty. A Mecca for birdwatchers and natural history enthusiasts alike. 

I was born in Wiveton, a true local who’s seen many changes over the years. I chose to roll with them making my living from renting holiday cottages which I built in the grounds of my home, Broadview.

After 25 years of running a successful holiday business a life changing event made me consider a new style of letting.

My life long passion has been the research and development of a simple science based explanation that helps the mind “Let Go” of all the stresses that come with unresolved issues of guilt and blame. 

We humans have adopted the belief that these thoughts and memories are stored in our brain. Such a perspective isolates the individual creating all manner of physical and psychological illnesses; the most debilitating that springs to mind being ME/CFS.

My work has its roots in quantum physics but there are no maths or equations its simplicity stemming from a totally new way of presenting existing theories.

Yes, I’m standing on the shoulders of giants from the science and physics community but what I see and how I present it unifies all religions, all the many spiritual practices, all the sciences … everything and everyone! 

I call the theory The Sudoku  Paradox because unity requires all of the above to solve the problem together.

Click the link below to read a brief synopsis :-

The Sudoku Paradox

The Sudoku Paradox reveals itself in every aspect of life, whenever open minds interact. Accommodation is in Hatter, one of the self contained holiday cottages. While true knowledge can’t be bought or sold a small fee will be asked to cover accommodation. This is discussed further in General Details.

Exciting the Gases

I’m fascinated by the fact that all elements are made up of the same fundamental particles. A mass of scientific evidence suggests that quanta connects all things. The gap that exists between suggestion and proof is essential in order to allow natural selection to choose the course of our evolution.