My Pictures and Books, Hatter and the Remodel.

Hopefully you’ve read the Sudoku Paradox thesis from the Home Page.

From that you’ll have learned a lot about me … so, time to share! Tell me about you! The path that flows through the you reading these words?

Over the next year I’m remodelling Broadview, house and garden. Come join me and we’ll discuss the Sudoku perspective as I/we work and go about day to day affairs. (Okay, maybe some sightseeing too.)

While the principal of the theory is simplicity the complexity of the very personal questions it evokes requires the intimacy and focus only found in one-to-one interaction. For this reason Broadview is a solo only retreat.


Hatter is a self contained one bedroom cottage in the grounds of Broadview. It has a fully equipped kitchen/diner/lounge. Downstairs shower room, the bedroom is upstairs.


What’s the the cost of true knowledge? It can’t be bought or sold! Let’s talk ………


                                                                                                                                     surrounded by open fields, wildlife and wonderful walks.

If you’d like to learn more about the project email Or phone :- 07527 05 8239 or 01263 740 202