The Sudoku Puzzle of Sciences

May 17th 2021

Vaughn Balding – Broadview. NR25 7TG. England

A Sudoku Puzzle of Sciences

For millennia mystics and philosophers have understood that a perspective centred on unconditional love opens the mind to transcendence through experience, whereas an ego-centred perspective blocks that possibility.

Carl Jung’s theory of synchronicity and the collective unconscious explores this potential but when verbal symbols are used to share the experience the description collapses into subjective knowledge which is all too susceptible to misinterpretation. 

A Sudoku Puzzle of Sciences uses long established principles of physics, biology, chemistry, quantum biology, astrophysics and quantum physics to build a framework that helps support the integrity of such shared experiences. 

A Sudoku Puzzle of Sciences:

The curious among us observe and learn from our life experiences creating vivid memories of all we’ve been. 

These memories become the sum of who we are. 

They help us negotiate our way through what remains of our life, which at the beginning of the 21st Century is a tricky business indeed!

You’d think having access to a world-wide-web of shared information the people of our planet would get along better, but we don’t.

Our divisive nature stems from the subjective perspective we adopted when we first became self-conscious. 

While crucial to our early ancestors development the subjugating of animal instinct for free-will came with a hidden cost!

Your life, once confined by the laws of time and space, became finite. 

It could be measured, bought and sold and will inevitably end in your death. 

This perspective currently isolates almost every human on our planet!

There is of course an evolutionary alternative! 

Fundamental aspects of our nature constantly remind us that we’re something more than just an isolated individual! 

A sense of being between two worlds is suggested by moments of intuition, synchronicity and conscience. 

We’re offered no scientific explanation for these metaphysical conundrums, which is hardly surprising as most sciences isolate themselves within their specific field, leaving we, the people, to languish in limbo, waiting for them to get their metaphorical acts together. 

Overwhelmed by life we resign ourself to the treadmill, distracting ourself with whatever pleasures and addictions our niche allows, seldom mentioning the strange other worldly sense that haunts us, it becoming the elephant that sits quietly in the corner of our room.

Time passes, globally divisions escalate, everyday our room becomes smaller, until unavoidably we sit nose to trunk.

This particular intervention is taking place in your mind, so that’s where we’ll confront the pachyderm! 

Imagine the elephant is on roller skates, she’s quite good! So good she’s playing a saxophone as she skates through a shopping mall. 

You created the image of the roller-skating, saxophone playing elephant by pick-and-mixing images of elephants and roller-skates, saxophones and shopping malls from your memories. 

I propose that although those memories were processed in your brain that isn’t where they’re stored. 

I propose that when you recalled the memories you connected with the actual moments from your life when you’ve experienced elephants, roller-skates, shopping malls and saxophones. 

For this proposition to be credible those past versions of you must still exist in time and space, which they do. You catch a glimpse of them every-time you look into a mirror. 

The light illuminating your face takes time to reach the mirror and reflect back into your eyes, which means you’re looking back in time at the person you used to be.

The speed of light isolates you as a moment in time and space within the flow that you know as your life.

The flow of your life contains all your memories, all the good and bad things you’ve done, everything that makes you who you are. 

It all still exists just as the reflection of the you that reflects back from the mirror still exists. 

This principle was established by Albert Einstein in his theory of General Relativity.

Published in 1916 General Relativity was so far ahead of its time that the consequences of what it reveals are only now being fully appreciated.

E=mc2 was intended as a simple thought experiment to explain how energy and matter are fundamentally the same thing but in the process it inadvertently opened the door to our evolutionary alternative!

Erwin Schrödinger, having followed Einstein to that door, immediately realised the potential of what he was seeing and entered the world of Quantum Mechanics; an explanation of which, along with General Relativity, can be conveyed in a simple thought experiment.




Imagine you can vibrate at the speed of light. 

When you do everything around you appears frozen in time. This happens  because you’re moving at the same speed as the light that’s illuminating everything.

Now, from your imagined perspective increase your speed again, toward the speed of light squared.

As your speed increases you enter another dimension, let’s call it the fourth. A dimension unfettered by the laws of time or space dictated by the speed of light. 

You’re now seeing the things the light illuminated in all your yesterdays. Your life, our history, dinosaurs, the forming of our planet, all the way back to the moment before the massive expansion that our scientists call the Big Bang.

Here, all the energy and matter that formed our Universe is unified.

Here, time and space do not exist.

To take a measurement in time or space requires two points for reference.

Here there is only one.

Here there is only Quanta.  (In physics Quanta refers to the smallest possible particle of any physical property.)

It’s peaceful here, we could spend some time here, but time doesn’t exist … so let’s create it.

In an instant the combined mass of matter/energy/Quanta, whatever you choose to call it, expanded. Why this happened and whether or not it did so with a Big Bang is currently beyond our understanding.

We do know that the colossal expansion created great heat, fusing some of the Quanta together, forming fundamental particles, elements and compounds, the matter, that almost 14 billion years later has become you.

The paradox being that although matter is bound by the laws that govern time and space … the Quanta isn’t, and it permeates everything.

Erwin Schrödinger realised the implications of the permeation. That all particles are associated with anti-particles of the same mass. Upon observed the charge of these  antiparticles is reversed. 

When a particle antiparticle pairing is formed in the same quantum system not only are their charges reversed but also their nuclear spins which creates a wave like function.

These particles, which are also a wave, might be separated by a nanometre or a billion kilometres, a trillion years or a second, it makes no difference, they are paired in the timeless spaceless union of the Quanta. 

Just as our internet activity creates an algorithm of our internet preferences, our life choices create an algorithm in Quanta. This algorithm holds testament to all that we humans have perpetrated throughout our history: All the atrocities, wars and selfish acts along with all the acts of unconditional love. 

(The fact that our species is still here suggests that unconditional love is the more favourable design for life.)

Schrödinger named our interaction with this quantum algorithm, Entanglement. 




General Relativity and Quantum Entanglement go a long way to substantiating Jung’s theories but to be scientifically credible entangled particles would need to retain their spin in the brain during the time we humans take to hold a thought or memory.

Matthew Fisher, Prof Physics – UCSB, solves this problem in his paper Quantum Cognition; the Posner molecule providing the required environment.

Quantum Entanglement explains all metaphysical and psychological conundrums :-  

It explains how our brain processes information accessed from actual events  and why, despite decades of research, neurologists are no closer to locating that vast repository of stored information within our head.

Quantum Entanglement explains how animals, birds, fishes and insects migrate although they have no previous knowledge of their route or destination.

Entanglement explains depression, post traumatic stress disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, narcissism etcetera: We’re directly connected to all the things we’ve done, experienced and seen. Inseparably from all our unresolved issues. 

Dementia: When the human brain becomes dysfunctional through trauma or disease its ability to access actual past life events is compromised.

In drug induced hallucinations and dreams the events accessed through the Quanta take on a random nature which, while pertaining to a general theme, manifest abstractly in the brain.


Instances of deja vu, synchronicity, intuition and dreams make us question the boundaries of our isolated perspective.

For millennia mystics and philosophers have understood that a perspective centred on unconditional love opens the mind to enlightened transcendence through experience, while an ego-centred perspective blocks that possibility.

A person viewing their life as existing separate from the Universe adopts an isolated perspective which by definition can only conclude in their death. 

A person viewing their life from the unified perspective of Quanta becomes infinite.




The burden of proof:

The elements that sit on the squares of the periodic table, those inanimate pieces of matter aren’t conscious, yet at some point in your evolution a few of them chose to get together and become alive!

How could that happen? 

This question usually gets a sci-fi Frankenstein inspired answer in which by pure chance a lightning bolt excites elements in a primordial soup. 

This is illogical. 

Even the most fundamental life form required the correct elements to form into molecules that then took the correct position, some of them simultaneously, in a DNA sequence. 

This is an extremely complicated process! The chances of this scenario randomly taking place are trillions to one.

The obvious counter argument that there has been trillions of years in which trial and error would eventually have got it right doesn’t hold up either, there simply hasn’t been enough time since the forming of our planet for that scenario to have occurred. 

The research of Johnjoe McFadden, Prof Micro Biology – Surrey, supports the theory that life as we know it was created by element entanglement through the quantum algorithm. 

The algorithm chose life, and not only chose life but chose the fastest route possible to have you reading this text today. 

Through quantum entanglement the necessary elements have the potential to simultaneously sample the trillions of possible combinations required for your life to evolve. 

Quantum entanglement reveals the possible path to your destiny. It’s signposts manifest in ways so subtle you’re unaware of the underlying process that’s making you favour the wonderful and the mundane, the delightful and the disastrous, the infinite myriad of choices that define who you are at any point in time. 

The mass of evidence predicting the quantum algorithm remains far too subtle, evading detection by our physicists.

This hiatus between what we sense and what we can interact with is essential, ensuring evolution is beyond interference, being chosen by the natural selection of the algorithm.

Reverse engineered; We are a Universal quantum algorithm experiencing life. 

Isn’t that the core principal of all major philosophies and religions?


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